Thursday, January 25, 2007

Madrona & Recruiting

Big news coming soon... until then, amuse yourself with this: The ball is the yarn I got from my Not-So-Secret Spin-to-Knit Pal. It's fluffy hand-dyed merino plyed with 2 strands of mohair. Yum! There was a lot more but it's now Maddie's scarf.
I can't post what I spun yet because I haven't heard from my recipient and don't want to spoil the surprise.

Madrona was very small but cute. As usual, towers of temptation everywhere. One surprise: The largest roving tube I've ever seen. Was very hard not to dive in! Afterwards, Emma and I hit Weaving Works, picked up some roving, and came back to my place. I taught her to spin, and just look at how gorgeous her first mini-skein is! Turquoise plyed with eggplant. Scrumptious!

Hee hee! She's so hooked... Already talking about buying a wheel. I should start cutting notches on my flyer for each novice I've corrupted.

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emma said...

You do have me hooked!! I went home and played around with the drop spindle.

Check out those felt rocks I was talking about.