Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maine: The Way Life Should Be!

Matt & I went out to New England to check out UNECOM for both his residency and my medical school. We loved it! Plus, Biddeford, ME is close to one of Matt's sisters (the Bestest one, in her words), Nancy, and her amazing family. There's husband Andre, sons Hunter & Ben, and daughter Juliana, plus multiple furry friends: Tardy, HeadCat, a world-class guinea pig, and three dogs. Sadly, two are Schnauzers. We also visited Body Worlds and the Aquarium in Boston, and Strawbery Banke, a historic neighborhood with homes restored to represent the colonial times through the 1950's. My camera failed to make the trip, but I'll provide pics on the next visit. For now you'll have to deal with my gastronomic delight. Nancy can COOK!

PS - Matt washed my pants with my phone in the pocket, and my Palm died from lack of juice. Not having a job, I quit using (and thus charging) it. I've lost everybody's phone numbers, addresses, and birthdays. Again. Please send them - I promise I will write them on slices of dead trees this time.

PPS - Body Worlds (the original) was more artistic, but Bodies, the Exhibition was actually more instructive. They had better demonstrations of the joints, vasculature, and embryoic growth. Both are must-sees!

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PenguinKnits said...

Isn't the Bodies exhibit the awesomest (is that a word?) NEway, it was here, well actually in Cinncinati not to horribly long ago and I wanted so badly to go but alas, I didn't make it in time! I did howeve get to see footage of the making of the exhibit thanks to connections of my A&P instuctor!

I know, Annie's the best. Thank God I got her!