Monday, November 06, 2006

We plan, God laughs.

Changes, changes! Matt is taking more time off from work. Feathers is for sale (spread the word!) We are casting our nets to find the best combination of a med school for me and a residency for him when he's ready. I've been laboring over research rather than knitting, so my sweater has halted in its wooly tracks. Here's a pic of the progress so far, along with Peachy and a sneak peek at a secret project. Sharp eyed readers will note that our stripey cat has a perfect top view of the USS Enterprise on his forehead. He's always had it, but I've avoided posting it for fear of being deluged by deranged Star Trek fans. :)


Annie said...

ROFL.. you.. my sweet.. are my favorite nerd.

bronchitikat said...

Love the colours of the (currently) stopped sweater.

Does Peachy actually admit to watching 'Star Trek'? Or does it just have the markings?

Oh, I always thought it was, "man proposes, God disposes" but yr translation is a pretty good one.

All the best with the job/house/college hunting.

bronchitikat said...

Oops, sorry, all the best in yr job/college/car hunting!

Sharon Rose said...

Actually I don't think Peachy has ever seen Star Trek. I used to watch it long before he joined us. The sweater is nearly done... sleeves are down to the elbows!