Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Grateful Thanksgiving

The girls came for a four day visit. In addition to the spectacularly superb feast my astoundingly amazing husband cooked, we watched movies, talked about poetry, amused the critters, and generally had a cozy family holiday. We couldn't resist the turkey cake at the grocery store. :) For fun, we felted a bunch of thrift-shop sweaters, then carved them up to make new projects while Daddy slept off the Tryptophan. Maddie's purse isn't quite done. Gillie produced a sock monster in a fetching two-piece suit, while I generated a Needlegrrl bag: If you follow the storyline around, you can see the sheep with its fleece, roving being spun into yarn, dye dripping down, knitting needles at work in the colored yarn, and then the final sweater... on the shorn sheep. A little nod at my heros, Wallace & Gromit. The teal lining is from a wool coat also found in the Goodwill bins. A side note: The blue wool came from what was obviously a handknit back piece of an Unfinished Object. I "felt" sorry for the original knitter, but at least it found its way into another project.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding projects, and the girls are beeeeeautiful -- They certainly seem to enjoy all things crafty with you NeedleGrrl :) Too cute!

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving!