Friday, November 17, 2006

The Features of a Coon Cat

If calculating genetic engineers were to design the perfect cat, it would be a Maine Coon. Their coats are supersoft clouds, but they don't shed. They can tell if you want to play rough or not. I can pick Fig up and muss him, juggle him, whatever, and the claws never come out. Yet Matt (who appreciates DangerCats) will regularly be savagely bitten in the middle of the night. The Monster Under the Bed uses the sharp bits on him, but I get soft paws. He loves to sit squished up next to me on the couch for belly and head rubs. MCCs require more than average attention and stimulation, so it's best to acquire them in pairs or at least have other critters. They bow to bunnies but trounce cats and dogs. Identifying characteristics: Ear tufts, saber teeth (click pic to enlarge and see), huge paws, toe feathers, fluffy tail, bloomers, tiny chirpy voice constantly in use, and a second growth spurt at 2 years that results in giantism (20+ pounds).


Tracy said...

If calculating genetic engineers were to design the perfect cat it would be a dog. :-)

Justin said...

Ya you are so right!! My maine coon has soft n thick fur..n she carries herself soo well....
You too can check out this post on my adorable kitties. I hope u'll like it..

take care

Anonymous said...

I want one NOW!

Sue Fulay
Little Knits