Thursday, November 30, 2006

Magnificent Manos

My red sweater is finally done. The colors are more of a deep red than they look in this pic. I did the sleeves at the same time on a long circular needle, which was awesome. Automatically identical decreases, and it seems to go more quickly. Definitely a repeatable technique.


Ginger said...

Beautiful Sweater! Maybe you could jion us at VY&T tomorrow, for knitting, and model it for us. =)

emma said...

I can't wait to see it. Hopefully I'll see you next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! It is just gorgeous, you did a great job!!

And if you like Manos, you must try Malabrigo better yardage and I think it may even be softer than the Manos : !

Sharon Rose said...

Actually I love the look of Manos, but I'll never buy it again. It was an "oh my GOD I love those colors I need to make a sweater!!" purchase from back before I knew about plying. Just the friction of carrying around that fluffy, lofty single during the knitting has caused pilling already. It won't last long... but it'll be gorgeous while it lasts.

Now I only spin double or triple ply. And I have a strict rule about not buying any yarn I can spin. :)