Sunday, October 15, 2006

USS Turner Joy, explored

The girls came to visit this weekend. We took them out to see the USS Turner Joy, a naval destroyer docked at Bremerton. You can get a tour, or just climb around and touch stuff, which of course is what we opted for. We also did pumpkins. Gillian (10) did the traditional scary face. Maddie (13) did the fluffy cat. The rabbit is mine - my first pumpkin carving ever!


Annie said...

Nice legs there.. whoo hooo!! And, it looks like fun. We used to do stuff like that when the kids were younger

ginger said...

Is that a Utilikilt? I've started seeing them more and more around here.

Sharon Rose said...

Yeah, baby! Utilikilts for everyone! Well, everyone with good legs. :) His are actually what initially caught my attention oh so many years ago at Glendale Community College, framed by a traditional kilt.