Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Angry Red Lobster of Death

Matt bought this adorable giant lobster for Blackberry and me. She loves to play with ballons: She grabs the string in her mouth and runs through the apartment with them. Here's the funny bit... I don't know if it's the big eyes or what, but the cats are terrified! The two stripey boys are still hiding in the bedroom 24 hrs later. At least it's an improvement from their previous hideout behind the toilet. Thoth is simply too lazy to get that excited, so he's here on the couch with me.

UPDATE: After 36 hrs they were still under the bed. We got worried about dehydration and litter box issues, so we brought the lobster into the bedroom, hoping to chase them out. Unfortunately it just entrenched them deeper. We had to lock the ARLoD in the bathroom for a few more hours before they would come out from under, and it still took a forcible extraction to make them leave the bedroom. Compare that reaction to the bunny's: She took one look, went over to it, and immediately turned her back and began grooming. That's rabbitspeak for "I am so cool and unafraid of you that I can ignore you and clean my feet." She's completely fearless. :) I think it was the eyes that made a difference. Previous ballons were towed by Blackberry and ignored by the boys.

Other amusing livestock stories: Fig learned how to work the lever-type latch for the bedroom. It wasn't long before Blackberry started herding him over there to make him open the door for her. We had to replace it with a round knob, and we have our fingers crossed that he doesn't realize the outside door works the same way.

Oh - that last picture? Sometimes the news actually reports the truth!


emma said...

It's good to know my cats aren't the only ones terrifed of balloons.
And I've also discovered that staying home sick from work really doesn't allow you to get more knitting done. I forced myself to do a few rows last night since it had been almost a week since I did any knitting at all.

ginger said...

Lobster of Death - hehehe. Poor kitties, hope they are recovering.

Amy said...

I wonder what Bush would think of that Lobster. May I link to your hilarious news picture? (I'm Vegas' mom--she is mid-haircut and may be sending you big wool piles shortly, finally)

Sharon Rose said...

Yes, Amy, absolutely. :) Give Vegas a hug for me!

AJ said...

Rach thinks the lobster was shaped very much like a bird of prey. Maybe that's what spooked the kitties.