Monday, October 02, 2006

An abundance of creative riches!

My trusty Kodak finally died last month. It served me well for years, but I just wore it out. I really liked Grandpa's micro last weekend and it got me wanting a replacement. I've been struggling along with Matt's camera, but it just doesn't suit me physically and the shutter lag is far too long for me. Today I made a new friend at the local camera shop and came away with the coolest toy ever. It does more tricks than Cirque de Soleil, yet its CASE is smaller than my old camera. I had intended to pick one out at the store, then go home and buy it online, but I got 18 free classes this way. Plus instant gratification! Kirsten, the manager, was brilliant and incredibly helpful. I'm looking forward to making some big prints at her store and putting them on the walls.

I'll most likely be quiet for a while as I:
1) finish off my med school essays
2) knit like a demon
3) learn my new toy!

I'm so excited I need rubber pants!

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