Sunday, July 09, 2006

Proud to be an enabler

I've done it. I've gotten Heather committed to getting a cute little car of her own. Even better, the object of her love is an Austin! A Mini Countryman, to be exact. This blessed event occured at the Strawberry Festival at Vashon Island. Another gorgeous ferry ride to a car show & parade. Wendolene was much loved and admired by all except the announcer, who declared her to be "um... uh... some sort of prison car" despite her lit TAXI light.

Heather is saving her pennies for a woody wagon of her very own. Since we now need a way to tow & move our fleet, I fell hard for this burly Mack truck. Note the curved roof! Fear not, I won't be acquiring one... yet.

You may notice that Wallace and Feathers are conspicuously absent from the show. Feathers is still at the shop - it turns out that thermostat housings for the little guy are tricky to come by. We finally have one and should be driving him by Wednesday. Wallace had an unfortunate run-in with a winch while getting a wheel alignment. Not at our usual shop, of course! He will require many thousands of dollars in repairs (on their tab). Hopefully he'll be done by the All Brit Field Meet on the 22nd, but I doubt it. Pictures of the damage are NOT being posted due to their graphic nature.

Pics of the car parade here:

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