Monday, July 24, 2006

2006 ABFM - Wendolene brings home the GOLD!

... And we bring Feathers home! He has finally been judged able to leave the shop and looks utterly adorable next to the Taxis. He only takes up half a lane! Despite his diminutive appearance, he performs admirably on the highway (60mph) and is a joy to drive. We look forward to having the liquid assets to paint and rechrome.

The 2006 All British Field Meet was this weekend. There were nearly 600 cars there... and Wendolene won 1st Place in the Specialty Vehicles class! Quite impressive since it's her first real show, and she's a daily driver. There were plenty of trailer queens there with immaculate lacquer paint, but I always prefer a real working car. Evidently the votors did, too. Feathers was also very popular. He didn't take a prize because there was no class on his windshield card. I think they didn't know how to assign him! On the right is a lovely 1954(?) FX3, the London Cab that preceded the FX4 body style of our taxis. The owner lives on Vashon Island, and we met him during the strawberry run. Very nice chap! Heather took a liking to Morris Minors, so they are added to her shortlist for post-house-sale purchase.

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