Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fine-tuning my wheelie skills - UPDATED

Top: That black wool & red mohair you saw in progress earlier, a standard 2 ply. The fun here was mixing the two roving colors. The pic doesn't quite capture its sheen, unfortunately.

Left: Wensleydale wool roving bought at the Black Sheep. I spun it superthin, then did a Navajo triple play. The result was a small, soft yarn that retained the color blocks.

Right: 100% percent mohair! This was a crazy experiment. I had AJ's bag of uncarded locks, and nothing that looked good blended with it. After a few failed mixing attempts, I decided to go for a wacky novelty yarn. There are curly bits hanging out, and some thick & thin variation. It should make a spectacular scarf. She has emailed me and says she likes it. :)

Most impressive: Heather's first skein! Ok, mini-skein. I'm still incredibly impressed that her first yarn is actually usable. Way to go, girl!

As always, click to enlarge. Quarters for size comparison.

1 comment:

Heather Shaffer said...

Lovely yarns, sweetheart :-) I especially like the middle one!