Thursday, July 13, 2006

Help Bamboo!

Check out this article. Bamboo is an elephant at the Woodland Park Zoo. In addition to the neurotic rocking behavior exhibited by most captive elephants, she has become agressive towards her keepers. She needs to be moved to an elephant sanctuary. This picture is a WPZ press release photo. Bamboo is on the left. They all look wretched!

This has been a long-term desire for me: To help elephants get back to the 30-40 miles or so they need to walk each day, and to the large herds they need for their mental health. Elephants in small zoo enclosures with only a few friends simply go crazy. It's a cruel mistake. I can't wait to be rich so I can use my financial power in their defense. In the meantime, I am using the weapon of email. Please read up on this problem and do the same!

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