Friday, August 22, 2008

RoadTrip Beyond Ridiculous

The girls (Maddie, 15, and Gillian, 12) came to visit from Oregon and holy cow have they grown up. Both have teenager bodies now instead of being the stick kids I saw last. Gillie in particular has really changed. Both girls have a distinctive clothing style that makes me wish I were cooler. Oh well, at least I have my blue hair. We celebrated by throwing them in the back of the taxi and driving all over the country.

First, though, we had an awesome sleepover party with Denise and Pheobe involving Cherry Slush, chocolate cake, and pulled pork. G (right) & P served grog in the pirate room.

Then, off to Gettysburg. I took this pic of Matt and Gillie from behind (aka Lopey) because of the contrast with this one.


Roxie said...

So he wears a utilikilt? I've seen but not discussed them What are the advantages?

Wonderful photos!

Sharon Rose said...

Kilts in general: Freedom (ie no pinched manbits) and sexiness. He LOVES his kilts - grew up wearing the tartan of his clan - and finds them incredibly comfortable. He wears them all the time if he's not at the hospital, even in winter!

Utilikilts: You can chuck 'em in the laundry. And they're way cheaper than a custom-loomed wool one for his tiny clan.

As a side note, I first noticed him 10 years ago on the GCC campus because he was in his tartan and I loved his legs. *grin*

A said...

Holy cow, the girls have really grown up some since I saw them a couple of years back! Gillian is gonna break some hearts for sure.