Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sea Socks 2008 sailing soon!

An Alaskan cruise!

Matt's already been there, done that, so he's going to hold down the fort, but since I signed up during PKF I've been all atwitter. Imagine... a huge, stately ship, laden with glamour and a well-stocked buffet... sliding through the glorious Inner Passage... towering glaciers... exotic wildlife (and I'm not just talking about the onboard nightclub!)... even towels folded like animals. :) We're leaving from my old home port of Seattle, so I get to see my friends again. In fact, quite a few of my buddies are coming with me, because - get this - it's a knitting cruise! Lots of knitting celebs will be there. I'm so excited to meet them all... we'll have classes, and excursions to yarn shops in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Victoria, and pajama parties on the deck.

Last month I thought our financial downturn meant I'd have to cancel the trip. I was so bummed. For months every time a boat or a big chunk of ice came on TV I've started bouncing around with glee. I had to make it work! Besides, I'd already paid a big deposit. So I packed three other girls into a teeny cheapo cabin, and sold my Joy spinning wheel. That got me enough to cover the remaining cost plus airfare. Don't worry, I still have the Minstrel. It's a good trade for a memory like this. :)

I'm sticking to my vow not to buy any yarn this year, but I'll open my clinic on board for wooly donations. :)

Wanna go? The deadline is Feb 15th. Other adventurers include Emma, Holly, & Pam. Can't beat that with a stick.

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