Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mercer Museum

Today we went to the Mercer Museum, a huge concrete castle filled with 40,000 tools and artifacts from American life early last century. Room after room after room, each with a theme. Some of my favorites: The collection of spinning wheels, swifts, looms, and other fiber acutrements. The medical stuff. The accessories exhibit, including those little overshoes for bad weather. See the space for the heels of her shoe? So cute. Girlie was entranced by the navigational equipment. Matt liked the cast iron fence posts. Somehow we wound up on the roof.


Jeanne said...

Love the wheels - the museam isn't too far from me - who knew?!

SparkCrafted said...

i LOVE the Mercer Museum and Mercer's house, Fonthill. There's also the Moravian Tile Works right there and lovely little Doylestown to peek about.


Also, I think the last time I was there, I was not yet a spinner, so I don't remember any wheels or equipment. Must go back!!!!