Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You spin me right round, baby!

In early April I started spinning some amazing fuschia/ red /purple / pink / coral roving, while Thoth romanced the other end. :) Then the room started spinning. I had three weeks of fairly intense vertigo. After four doctor appointments, the diagnosis is (probably viral) damage to one of my inner ear canals. The left and right ear are supposed to work together, so if one is not quite up to snuff the resulting message to the brain is slightly scrambled... thus the perceived distortion. It was an interesting process and opened up a whole new area of medicine to me that I didn't know about before. The diagnostics were fascinating. Infrared goggles, moving lights, hot and cold water in my ears, the whole deal! The good news: The brain is plastic enough to compensate quickly. I'm already feeling normal again, but I have some therapy exercises to reinforce the relearning. Sweet!

Once the walls starting holding still, I was able to tolerate the spinning wheel again. To maintain the color separation as much as possible, I did a Navaho ply. Fig seems to approve. I've got about 540 yds - not even close to enough for the sweater I had hoped for. Any project ideas, people? I think it'll be about 4 st/inch. As always, click to enlarge.

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