Friday, May 19, 2006


WOW do I feel GREAT!!! I've been working out hard again, and it's difficult to express just how different I am. Instead of tired, depressed, and weighted down by a giant Fat Suit, I am springing all over the place. I know I still look the same (okay, I'm obviously losing a little - my watch bracelet is looser) but I FEEL like I'm back in my Personal Trainer body. I feel energized, integrated... lithe and light.

I started back in the gym a few weeks ago, just doing the usual treadmill and weights, but I was sick of it and unmotivated. I obviously wasn't pushing myself enough.... until last Monday when my buddy Steve came to visit. He's been overseas for a few years and I've missed him tremendously, so our week-long visit has been great. Steve has always been extremely athletic (rock climbing, martial arts, etc.) but now he's gotten into this Crossfit (you guessed it, thing and he's really loving it. I am too! The workouts are different every day, so you don't get bored. The paradigm is completely unlike my old bodybuilding routine: It's built around functional fitness and is designed to generate core strength with multi-joint movements.

Boy, do my quads hurt! :) Woo-HOOO!!

PS - Act fast, girls, he won't be single long now that he's back in the country. It's hard to find such a brilliant, funny, sexy sweetheart of a guy!

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Tracy said...

Ha, reading your post I was starting to think those were pictures of YOU, and thinking "Boy you really HAVE changed!" Haha. Come back and train me. (on my knees begging)