Monday, April 03, 2006

Pre-Easter Basketcases (The Case of the Missing Tulips)

The kids came to visit (along with our friends Chip and Cathy, who sadly were not photo-documented) and we had a pre-Easter romp. We took the scenic - Ferry to Whitby -Deception Pass route to the Skagit Tulip Festival, which was surprisingly bereft of tulips. Homemade ice cream eased our pain. Back at home, we Kool-Aid dyed and felted my pre-knit Easter baskets, then finished them off with a little needlefelting. Maddie's is a refreshing minty color, judiciously adorned with hearts and stars. Gillie's only half-felted, thanks to Daddy taking a bath and hogging all the hot water, so she wound up with a lovely spring green purse. It has subtle stripes, due to mixing 2 yarns, and she designed the "bunny sniffing flower" motif - so at last we did end up with some tulip-y joy. Additional purple and pink knit rabbits were hopping around, but they evaded the photographer. Toss in a game of Life (Spongebob Edition, naturally!) and you've got a great weekend!
For those of you asked: The girls are straight from their morning showers, thus the wet hair.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love them.


Lara said...

Lovely Felted Bunny !

I've just added a link to your site from my collection of Knitting Bunnyhuggers :)

Egana said...

Well hi there NeedleGirl! Your work is beautiful, and I am so intrigued with the Oriental Medicine. Congrats on your Masters!!! its a long hard road, isnt it?

This is Megan from Oakton here! I came across your email in my yahoo account and it was buried under a staggering amount of spam. I think I will have to carbon date the whole stack to verify its origins!

Anyway, I "nostaglized" for a few minutes, and then decided to check you out here in the present, to see who you are and what you are up to...

You look awesome! And you look happy! And your sweet husband sounds like a great companion and friend! I am sooooooo happy for you!

I also am blogging, but only started recently. It's called Egana's Tapdance and its on blooger too, so come see me there.

Actually, I don't have any pics yet, cause I am a computer idiot, but I am working on it!