Monday, October 04, 2010

Babbling on about Bicycles

Ancient languages still live online ! You can listen to some Babylonian here.

Also (MAN I love the PacNW, and Craigslist), I scored an awesome tiny bike. It's difficult to find a ride with adult features that fits a dwarfy inseam, but thanks to my two-wheeled advisor Wayne I am pleased as can be. Finding a used one makes me even happier. I want my wallet fat and my hips slim, and this bike should contribute to both goals!


Susan said...

Nice ride! Don't forget the helmet. As my husband says, "No helmet? Nothing to protect." Clearly, you have LOTS to protect. :-)


Sharon Rose said...

It was the first thing I bought! My brain is my most valuable asset! :)

megadosya said...

thank you nice bicyle