Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The new Knitty came out yesterday, and I'm one of the featured designers. It's a warm fuzzy feeling to see people "hearting" and "queueing" my work on Ravelry. I've even gotten some sweet fan mail! Thanks for the encouragment, everybody!

Meanwhile, my inner linguist is tripping the lights fantastic ... Studying Latin has sparked up a whole new part of my brain. I'm remembering French I haven't thought of since college. I'm fascinated by how the words we use change our way of thinking.
Read this, and this! Comic by

PS - this is cool too. Fluid dynamics are so beautiful!


Trillian42 said...

I finally got a chance to check out the new Knitty just now, and those are GORGEOUS! Nice work! And handy timing, too - Kris just got his very first Utilikilt. :D

Um. If it's not too personal to ask, though, I noticed something in the pattern intro that made me sad. You ok?

Anonymous said...

Love the kilt hose, love men in Utilikilts (esp. my man!), love the car in the photo, yadda yadda. And you're (almost) local to me, so knit on, girl! We PNWers need more knitting. :)

(I'm in Molalla, 35 miles SSE of Portland proper. It's a bit hicksville out here, so you can imagine the looks my 6'6" Brit hubby gets when he wears his kilt in town...)

Anonymous said...
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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Awesome pattern. Knit on!

Lee Ann said...

Where oh where can I find those kilthose ribbons in the photos of your new design in Knitty? And beautiful, beautiful job on the pattern. Got a man in mind who really needs them to go with his hiking kilt.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Lee Ann - I would have emailed you but there's no way to do so!

The flashes can be found at your local Scottish shop. If you are in a smaller town, Google is your friend. Search for "kilt hose flashes."

Thanks for the sweet compliment!

Dale said...

Great looking socks for a kilt - do you know where I can find the pattern for celtic aran?

Dale said...

Great sock for a kilt, but do you also know where I could find the pattern for Celtic Aran?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Dale -

Try, and poke around in their archives. TONS of patterns, all free! You should also look in - they have a massive database of patterns. Good luck!