Monday, April 19, 2010

Track Meet

I didn't get any pics of Maddy's choir concert (WOW - there were some state champs there - one girl did a Mozart piece that made me cry), but just trust me and imagine Joan Jett turned elegant in a sweeping aubergine strapless gown, on stage with 25 or so of her peers. The girls looked (and sounded) tremendous, but I have to say that's a pretty awkward age for boys. *laugh* The hair alone was cracking me up. Huge fluffy white-boy Fro's, long stringy mops, BeeGee cuts, it was all there.

Man, did we get lucky with these brilliant, interesting, gorgeous girls. Madness writes some killer fanfic, and Gillie is a social butterfly. We've taken them out for dinners and such, and the next big event was Gillian's track meet. She ran, leapt, and threw the hurdles, high jump, and javelin. Waiting for her turn next to Dad she was giggling like, well, a schoolgirl, but when she stepped up to the line she turned all business!

Soundtrack for this post: Danielle de Niese, the Mozart album

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