Thursday, April 01, 2010

Home, Home, from the Range

Made it! Wensleydale developed a little glow plug problem, which meant she didn't want to start for the past three mornings. Today she absolutely refused to budge until I recruited some old truckers to help me with a starter fluid trick. Will order new plugs tomorrow. :)

Other news... Matt had a very promising interview today. We discovered that Round Table Pizza delivers to the apartment. And the boys are glad I'm home. Matt's lying across me, Figgy and Tube are within reach, and Peachy is gazing at me lovingly from the cat tree. His throat is puffed up with that abcess again, so he kind of looks like a pelican. A tabby pelican.

The writing is coming along surprisingly well (meaning I'm having fun doing it, not necessarily that it's good prose) given that I haven't written any fiction in nearly a decade. :)

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Cozy Tiny said...

Glad to hear you made it back safely! And Yay for Matt's interview!