Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pattern Stash Contest / Giveaway

UPDATE: PEOPLE! Please leave me a way to contact you! About 50% of you have given me wonderful patterns but no way to say thanks!

SECOND UPDATE: At the end of the contest I'll be publishing a free pattern of my own - my third one. Keep spreading the love! :)

Before The Crash, I had a truly massive pattern collection. For 9 years I have been snatching up every free pattern that even mildly intrigued me, and paid for a few more (Oh Rogue, I can’t believe I never got to you!). I had hundreds (probably thousands, actually) of them carefully categorized and tagged so I could find just the perfect thing for a given yarn, giftee, or garment need. The irony here is that I almost never follow patterns… but they are oh-so-useful for inspiration to produce my own creations!

Now that comforting safety net is gone. Thanks to Jess & Casey I still have Ravelry’s pattern search (I'm Needlegrrl there, too), but it’s not set up the same way, and … well… it’s not the same.

Here’s where you come in. Help me rebuild my stash! Send me your favorite essential / must make / most unique / “best kept secret” pattern. Please note: I am NOT asking anyone to break copyrights. I’m only looking for free stuff or notes you’ve written, please. Patterns worthy of being purchased for stash can be nominated as well, but remember that I’m a notorious cheapskate. You may email a PDF or Word doc directly to me (laughinglagomorph at gmail), or post a link. I’ll pick one winner on merit (the one that makes me say “woo!” out loud) and one by random number generator.


1) I’m not generally into the basic beginner patterns. I like complex lace & cables & weird challenges. That said, sometimes a good simple recipe is awesome. They’re so easy to pervert. :)
2) Crochet edgings are fine, but beyond that, please stick to knitting.
3) Socks, mittens, hats, shawls, sweaters, toys… it’s all good.
4) Garments appropriate to a curvy stumpy girl are helpful. I’m 4’10” and fat. I’m losing weight, but I’ll never gain height, and even at my ideal size I’m very hourglassy. So no long skinny coats, k? And not so much with the super-bulky yarn.
5) Garments appropriate to a tall, athletic Scotsman with excellent legs are also appreciated.

Winners will get something tasty from my stash! The Merit Prize chooses first, then the Random winner. If you hate all of these glorious options I can spin you something or go stash diving again. But what's not to like? Claudia Hand Painted (the purple mash-up), Panda Silk DK in Berry Smoothie, Fortissima Socka in a wonderful olive green, and C*EYE*BER Fiber in Glacier. This last one was Swag from the Alaskan Sea Socks cruise in 2008.

Contest ends Nov 30th!


Carrie said...

This project is new and was featured in the latest Anthropologie catalog. It's a giant stocking that can double as a blanket. I think it's the funniest thing...and I feel like I'm getting in on something that Anthro is selling for hundreds of dollars...ridic!

Anonymous said...

Totally Autumn by Anne Hanson is one of my favorite free patterns, hers are so well written.

I also love
for a quick gift
Jared Flood's Hemlock for a soothing winter knit

I'm nolaboard on Ravelry

Marie T said...

I'll send you an e-mail with my baby hat pattern on Ravelry - so I can do the links. It's based off the pilot hat pattern, I made it into a petal hat. Lovely yarn! I'm knitmeahamster on Ravelry

InJuneau said...

I know it's a very basic pattern, but it's easy, free, looks good, and everyone to whom I've given one seems to love it:

The Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf (also good with non-handspun!):

I also have fallen in love with this market bag pattern:

Best of luck rebuilding your collection.

InJuneau on Ravelry

Jersey said...

OK I have 2 contributions: and general and a specific. Not sure whether I should/could enter them separately.

General: Take a look at's free pattern section. There are tons there and you can always find something to inspire you. I too, almost never follow patterns but love inspiration.


This is called the ARAN WEIGHT LACE CROPPED CARDIGAN. OK - I've made it twice. Once for my mother who is also under 5' and also not slim. It looks great on her. I also made it for me, and I am much taller and slimmer (although not slim). In both cases, I did not make the bell sleeves, or the do-dads on the bottom. I just made ordinary sleeves and a garter stitch band at the bottom. You can make exactly the number of lace repeats as is good for your body type. The pattern shows up beautifully. I get thousands of compliments on it.

j. said...

knitting at Knoon has a free pattern for a mitered square afghan. I've incorporated the pattern into a shawl, scarf and sweater.

j. said...
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Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Instead of one pattern I'll give you a site with thousands - Garstudio/Drops at

I'm also a free pattern junkie, I also lost a ton of links, so I know you want to rebuild that list.

Clumsy Knitter said...

This was fun! It gave me a reason to sift through all the patterns that I saved to my computer pre-Ravelry. (And I totally backed them up the other day, so they're safe!)

Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi by Yahaira Ferreira - simple yet unique and cabley

Cardigan Come by Lana Grossa - distinct use of honeycomb stitch patterning

Kosima by Helga Torres ( - challenging construction and a feminine finished look

wenat said...

People are telling me that my pooling stoles and scarves are pretty cool, and that they're looking at all their handpainted yarns again with new eyes.

purple said...

I would suggest this pattern:

It is a lot like Hanne Falkenberg's Mermaid pattern but is free rather than hundreds of dollars for a kit. It is perfect for a curvy person and you can easily adapt it for different weight yarns. I did it in fingering weight similar to what Mermaid is done in.

RoamingKnitter said...

Easy knit but my all-time favorite toy to knit is Pasha the Penguin. Just too much fun & experimenting with colors & yarn really adds to the fun.

Jen said...

I have a few good ones:

1) this isn't a pattern, actually, but someone's project that I LOVE, and I have it in my queue because I don't think it would be hard to figure out, though it's an ingenious idea:

2) A lovely stranded sock pattern I plan to use soon:

3) This blanket looks so great!

4) This might be a good sweater for your guy - I will eventually make it for mine:

5) Lastly - Fish Hat!

Elaine said...

Here's my contribution. I'm a design-my-own type too.

I took the stitch from "My So Called Scarf" and used it to make a jacket. It looks positively gorgeous - like a very complex weave. You can use any basic style that complements your shape, can make a cardigan, pullover, jacket, man's, woman's, child, single color, multi, striped, and they all look fabulous. And you can use any weight yarn you like. I used Debbie Bliss Soho and it came out fabulously. It was a subtle blue/lavender coloring. This is a definite winning entry. Really.

phoenixfire said...

The Dane Shawl
Multnomah Shawl (I have GOT to knit this soon!)
Corona (cabled pullover)
Septmeber (cabled cardigan)

I'm not sure if my links work, but you can easily find the patterns on ravelry.

I hope you like them!

phoenixfire on ravelry

JuliaA said...

socks! i've been staring at herringbone patterns lately.


juliaa on rav

Kristen said...

one that I've had my eye on lately is the Water Diamonds Scarf and Cowl:

tom said...

If you are a Vivien Hoxbro fan, this is a very interesting scarf. It's called the Marimekko scarf and is free here:

Sylvia said...

That Claudia yarn is screaming my name. It's saying: "I want to move in with Sylvia" Really it is.

This is a very cool backpack - definitely a cut above anything else I've seen and it's free (natch)

Carla said...

This is a beautiful beaded lace weight scarf that can easily be adapted to a shawl if you prefer. Certainly not for the beginner. It's called the Dayflower Beaded Lace Scarf and is free here:

MamaMay said...

Ok, here are 3 of mine, hope you like them... they are on Ravelry though so sorry if that disappoints:

This 1st one just looks good on EVERYONE I have seen it on. Could be that I just like odd clothing though...

This is a really cool pattern, but I like it for inspiration reasons... can you imagine socks? or a hat? How would you do this in the round?

This last one just mind boggles me. I love the pattern and think it would be lovely in so many applications... It really is based on project notes not an actual pattern...

Anyway I am MamaMay on Ravelry.

MamaMay said...

Oh and I forgot to add this one. It just impresses me... I am doing something like it in knitting... also not a pattern, but oh such a lovely idea!

Again MamaMay on Ravelry.

EJ said...

Having seen your Halloween contest, I'm inspired to suggest this hat. Maybe for your next fancy dress ball.

EJ said...

Just saw you wanted to have our e-mails

I'm bloglessinnj AT gmail

purple said...

I've been enjoying coming back to see what others are proposing and just saw your request for a way to contact us.

My gmail address is purple22power

Thanks for hosting the fun contest and giving us all an opportunity for new inspiration. (plus I've got my eye on a couple things I'm hoping to win :-) )

Elaine said...

Thanks for the kind remarks on my jacket. I really should borrow a camera and photograph lots more of my designs.

I'll bet you could figure out what I did - I love looking at a design and figuring out how it was done or thinking how I could do it better :-)

knitting fool said...

I've got the perfect suggestion for you if you want inspiration. Take a look at Crystal Cove Pullover by Just One More Row (Jill Vosberg). I love her things - especially the way Crystal Cove flows. I could not take my eyes off it once I saw it and determined to make something like it. And the good thing is that if you can't figure out how it works, you really could break down and actually BUY the pattern. I did my own, but since I am not good at writing patterns that someone else could follow, when my best friend wanted to make one like it, I actually broke my rule and bought her a copy. It sort of broke my heart ...

foolforknit AT gmail

Turtle said...

that so bites that you lost so much! I would so cry!!

i also try not to pay for a pattern but have found that ll the patterns at are wonderful and worth the small amount anne asks, lovely lace and time consuming equals out!!
I also just finished knitting Multnomah and plan to knit it again, works wonderfully with sock weight yarn and not too much yardage required!
Multnomah Shawl :

Rachel O said...

I absolutely love this neckwarmer. I see that you do lots of accessories. Even though this is done in a bulky yarn will not make you bulky - just warm and cozy. And it's free, free, free.

dadofra AT hotmail dot com

Wendy said...

Well, my go-to baby girl knit pattern is this kimono:
Easy, cute, and knit in one piece :)

For a Boy, this vest:

And for a quick Adult gift, The Bainbridge Scarf (great for a single skein of nice yarn!)

(I'm wendymc on ravelry)

Jersey said...

I can be reached at jerseyjessie at gmail dot com in case I win! Wait, wait, WHEN I win. :-)

Sylvia said...

I came back to make another suggestion since I really want to win, and now I see it's good that I did since you want our e-mails. My new suggestion is Damson by Ysolda Teague. You can either (GASP) buy the pattern or just be inspired. It is a really lovely little shawlette and uses just a single skein of sock yarn. You know, the ones you've been collecting and can't figure out what to do with - right. Hmmm. Maybe I'll use my Claudia when I win it :-)

weyuker AT gmail

tom said...

I just read through more of your blog and loved your costume pics, so I thought I suggest something for you partner. A great-looking free man's sweater pattern from Berroco who, by the way, always has lots of great free patterns for all genders.

tomknit AT gmail DOT com
(who forgot to leave his address last time by)

ikkinlala said...

This isn't one I've made, but one I hope to make someday:

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Holly (Hookandneedlegirl) said...

Okay, so I'm going to be unsufferably arrogant and suggest a pattern that I've designed (it's free!) Mostly because you said you like lace and challenges- this is a patchwork that doesn't involve cutting.

kat said...

Alrighty - I've got one serious one and one funny one for you. For your husband - since every man needs a hat like that.

For yourself, I'm drooling over for my winter wardrobe! I'm naughtyknots over at Rav

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Shawl traveling woman it is free on ravelry
Toast love these fingerless mitts easy and fun and free on ravelry
Infinity Scarf free on ravelry and love it:

I'm knottyknitter40 on ravelry

Carla said...

I'm enjoying everyone's suggestions too and thought I'd add another one namely the Swallowtail Shawl. It's free. You just have to find it on Rav and then there is a link for the free pattern on the designer's website. I think it is just about the prettiest shawl.

I saw that you would like our e-mails so I am

popofra at hotmail

Cat said...

I love the look of the Maude Louise cardigan, although I have not knit it myself. The pattern is extremely well written, though, and it goes up to a 52 inch bust.

Valpuri from Berroco also looks really good on a larger frame, judging from Rav projects.

Lots of cables!

I am LucyIris on Rav, and my name links to my blog, just in case.

StephCat said...

My fave socks I've knit are Eunny Jang's Bayerische socks.

Reagan said...

I suggest the "Ariadne" pattern by Jenny Raymond.
BEAUTIFUL fingerless mitts with a complex cable that is just enough to be a challenge. :)

Bronwyn said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

The project that I finished most recently was a fun slightly challenging knit. It's a felted bag with a neat flower intarsia. Well, it's a combination of intarsia and Fair Isle.

You can see my version in my Ravelry projects. I'm bronwyndp.

I hope you get some cool patterns out of this. I'll have to take a look for myself.

Breien in Lansingerland said...


There are some free rav downloads that you might be interested in :-) I am Lansingerland on Ravelry

Debbie said...

Ok - Here are my favs - I love these fingerless mitts - I've made 2 pairs so far
I made this hat for a friend with breast cancer and she loves it
I love this scarf too - I've made 2
The Inside Outside scarf

katerina said...

Here are a few of my favorite patterns:
Two toys that make me smile:

My favorite shawl patterns are anything from MMario:

and this one:

A great sock pattern:

And although not free - I just love this baby sweater - design and all:

Have fun - love looking at everyone's suggestions!

j. said...

I responded earlier but didn't leave my email contact

also here's another reference site with great sweater patterns

Anonymous said...

I can't give you my favorite pattern, because of copy rights, but I sure would love to recommend it: Grandma's Raglan, a pattern by Kelly Bridges, who works at my local yarn shop The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH.

First, let me say that it is a beginner pattern, or it can be. But I could see great possibilities for it in the hands of an experienced knitter.

What I love about it is 1) It's so easy and it makes a fantastic sweater. 2) It was the first pattern that I read and confidently said "Hey, I can do this!" It took me from scarf and hat knitter and made me realize that I could attempt any pattern and since I first knitted the raglan, I have made two more, both ad-libbed a little because of increasing confidence, and tried so many other things that never thought I would: a hand puppet for my daughter, several felted bags . . . a cardigan for the baby I am expecting in two weeks.

Anyway, I understand being a cheapskate (who has money to throw around these days?) But this pattern is worth the $5, I promise! In fact. . . if I win, I'll buy you a copy and mail it to you!

Milliesmom on ravelry

jessecreations said...

I love this hat:

It's so cute, and I could see a kid or an adult wearing it with massive pride. :)

jessecreations on Ravelry

Dorothy said...

I really enjoyed the Lillian Tank top, and based on the pictures on Ravelry, it's appropriate for a variety of sizes. You can find the pattern here:

Karen M said...


I love these gloves, it is a free pattern, plus if you follow the links to the community portal,
there are a bunch more free patterns. Please enter me in your contest. I love some of that yarn!

Emma said...

How about a hand grenade? I haven't knit one yet, but it is one of the first patterns I queued when I joined Ravelry:

Thanks for holding the contest, and for offering a free pattern of your own!

Anonymous said...

Try woodland shawl- the link is in ravelry- it is deceptively easy.

Also you must add fetching to any compilation of patterns

kjgonn on ravelry

Lynn said...

I think Binary Cables Hat and Meret are must haves and so is the Springtime Bandit shawlette. The links are all in Ravelry.

Lnupermom on Rav

Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend Tubey from I knit a single colour variation with lace sleeves to wear to my (winter) wedding. I am only 5'2" tall and quite curvy as you can see in my Ravelry project pictures. I did add short rows to the bust area and would add more if repeating the project.

Combined with another Knitty pattern Intollerable Cruelty for my wedding ensemble, I received many compliments on the day and from discerning (unbiased) Ravelry members. I had a hard time convincing my guests that I had hand knit the outfit, many thought the skirt was machine knit.

I can be contacted as shazzz2798 on Ravelry. I'd like to win but understand if postage to Australia is too much. More interested in helping a vertically challenged fellow knitter named Sharon (too much of a coincidence to let go by).

maprice on rav said...

All of the toys on are great but I especially love the Giraffe:

Anonymous said...

This one:
Andrea in Argentina
(andrea at fliabullrich dot com dot ar)

Jersey said...

Here's another great pattern resource that you might not be familiar with:

Click on the free pattern section or the one by yarn type.

Try, for example, the Panda Silk DK
I Love You Shawl. The shape isn't my favorite, but I do really like the heart lace border which I've adapted to another lace shawl design. Lots of chance for patterns of all sorts and they are fairly nicely categorized based on yarn types.

If you are a sock junkie (and who isn't these days) they have a whole lot of free patterns to choose from. This one is pretty cool:

Jersey said...

Oh yeah - because I'm brain dead, and in case you didn't realize you already have my e-mail addy:

jerseyjessie at gmail dot com

Susie said...

A nice warm hat pattern I love and really enjoyed making. Hope you get some nice replacements, Sharon. I'm backing up my hard drive right now.

squiggi said...

I love "Gail" a free pattern available for search on Ravelry.
It's incredibly striking, easy to knit once you figure out the chart and goes pretty fast.
There's also a KAL there, so you can get questions answered too!

Anonymous said...

Queen Anne's Lace from Mmario. You can find a freebie on Ravelry ( I've made it twice.

Elizabeth Alm
(Fan-of-Steele on Ravelry, and one of your cohorts on Seasocks 2008)

Darja Drakšič said...

Sorry to hear about your loss of patterns. I can't imagine what i'd do if this happened to me :(
Well, you like complex lace, so I guess there's allways MMario group with free patterns.

Enjoy browsing :)
Love, Darja (also my Ravelry name)

YakiraKnits said...

I would collapse into a heap of tears and snot if that ever happened to me.

I love interesting patterns and ones that offer a challenge. I do like to follow a pattern up to a point, usually for shaping guidelines after that it's anyone's game.

Here's a scarf I just completed:

I'll be happy to share my notes.

I also love anything by Ysolda Teague and Jared Flood. Ysolda's Snapdragon Tam and Flip Top Mitts are almost done, they're for my daughter:

And I've got Jared's Willoughby and Habitat in my queue. You're, of course, welcome to browse my library and let me know if there's anything you're particularly fond of.


DutchMoeder said...

I too have suffered "The Crash"

Two patterns I would hate to not have are The Cable Luxe Tunic (very flattering on the bigger girls like myself)

And Art-Deco Tablerunner which is possibly the most beautiful thing EVER

2muchfun said...

One of my favorite patterns is the Tomato. I've made 3 and have played with each of them. One with the hounds tooth chart, one knit with long sleeves and one with 3/4 sleeves and narrow cables down the center front.
I can't imagine losing all my patterns...
2muchfun on Ravelry

RachelAnderson on Rav said...

The pattern I'm eagerly waiting to knit for myself is the aeolian shawl ...

The other free one I really want to make is the Luna Moth Shawl,

Also, ave you looked at Jimmy Beans Wool free patterns? If you are thinking of taking things for modification, they have some really neat scarf patterns.

Good luck reconstructing your pattern folder.