Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celtic Fling Thing

Yesterday Matt, Denise, Phoebe & I went to the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. Pheobe was a very cheerful child - I got some great smile pics, but I love this one because it's funny.

It was their Celtic Fling weekend. That means all the usual jousting, pickles on a stick, silver jewelry, and Wiccan- and pirate-themed ceramic mugs, plus the added bonus of men and boys in all sorts of kilt-like objects. Most of them were not actual tartan kilts, or even Utilikilts... they included hijacked sister's skirts, cheapokilts (they just don't hang or move properly, due to inferior fabric and design - to the educated eye they're pretty funny), and of course swathes of plaid material simply wrapped around the hips.

The Fling also included a dance meet. Originally this was a sport based on traditional Celtic dancing, but it now involves the bizarre costuming of young girls in freakishly bright dresses and Lil Orphan Annie curls.

The birds of prey were amazing. I was utterly captivated by the falcons (notice how everyone's focused on what's in the Lure bag!) and the owl was gorgeous, too.

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