Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catching Up

Seems like every time I've had a second, Blogger has been feeling ill. Let's try this again:

1) Matt graduated from his internship and is now officially a resident. This means he does call from home now, instead of working 36 hr shifts, so he might actually stay awake for our dates! He and Amy (the other intern in the pic) have been gone all week on a medical mission to Honduras. It was organized by a church and the religious stuff is pretty heavy-handed (his technique to avoid surgery with a little boy was labeled "divine intervention") but they did great work there. I get him back tonight!

2) I'm really feeling like a sole proprietor these days. The calls are coming in and the book is filling up. I even bought Yellow Pages advertising (my clients say they use it - who knew? I haven't opened one in nearly 10 years).

3) We went to Longwood Gardens. Impressive... how I imagine Versailles, both indoors and out.

4) We went to a car show on Memorial Day in Gettysburg. You declared your allegiance with either the North or the South and parked in the appropriate lot. Seriously, those people are still fighting the war! The hot rods were killer: Check out the bowling trophy & bottle opener on the RatRod, and the flames that begin inside the engine compartment on the sleek one.

5) Blackberry's been getting superfriendly. If we're on the phone and I say "I gotta go, my bunny is demanding a massage," it's not a euphemism for anything. :)


Baerana said...

you has a bunny! (did I know that and forget it or did I not know that?)

I'm glad you two are getting closer and he demands massages :)

I LOVE longwood gardens - if you guys ever want to go w/ me, let me know, i can likely get you in free, and I'd love hanging out w/ you sometime

Jeanne said...

I haven't been to Longwood in a long time - love going there! Cute bunny!

roxy =^o^= said...

My sexy little sweetypie - looks lilke you guys have been BUSY!

Give a big congratulatory smooch to Matt - very proud, very proud. Wooo!

Longwood Gardens looks absolutely enchanting *jealous*


You should check out
-totally up your alley LOL
I am so happy to hear that business is booming. May you have more than you can hope for :D

Love ya bunches, miss you much.
Talk to you soon

TheSoundofSnow said...

Congrats to Matt....Congrats to you and Congrats to Blackberry for knowing a good thing when (he?) sees it ;)

p.s. Longwood Gardens look like a good place to have a picnic :)

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks, everyone!

FYI: Blackberry is a girl. Queen of the universe, if you ask her!

The cats are all male. Collectively they are known as BoysNBerry. :)