Sunday, April 13, 2008

World travel in a Volvo

Girlie and I had one of those random leaf-in-the-wind days yesterday. First she took a box to the post office, which I had labeled "Fragile: Live Faeries," and met a boy named Keegan who had just learned to whistle. Pretty soon everyone in line was telling stories about the magical contents of their parcels. Wish I'd been there for that.

The title of this post was nearly "An elephant and a midget are driving this car...". Skor is outfitted with an Oompa Loompa doll, who is now clipped to the right visor and looks like he's flying Superman-style. Ganesha meditates on the left side of the dashboard: An appropriate locale for the Remover of Obstacles.

We set off in search of a yarn shop in Conshohocken but a traffic disaster found us rerouted to Manayunk,* land of the world's worst street "singers." We shopped in India, Tibet, Latin America (some of the inventory still had its "Made in Indonesia" stickers, but the Spaniards vs Incas chess set was awesome), and the Mediterranean. I found a funky little menorah made in Israel, which made me very happy. We found a super-amazing surprise for Matt, so you have to wait to hear about that unless you email me.

We decided to push on to the yarn store, but by then it was closed. We wound up driving randomly through cute little neighborhoods. Spring has sprung rather violently here. We went from winter to muggy heat in 2 days! Tooling around with the windows down and no real destination was supremely fun.

Random comments log: "Was that a loaf of bread?"
"What? Where?"
"On the side of the road!"

"What's with the enhanced police presence?"
"I know! It's like a double order of bacon!"

"Generally, women who shuffle their feet appear to be highly unintelligent."

"Why does that gym have a fat gay guy on its logo? And what's with the funny hat?"

Then we stumbled across Ikea, so we took Skor to visit his native people and snagged some cheapo kitty dens.

Sharp eyed observers will note that the Peach is wearing a no-lick collar. The cut under his throat kept reopening. You know how cats love to get in that 69 position and gut each others' necks? Plus as it healed and itched he was scratching it open. We are hoping that this will finally allow it to close. The outside of the collar is now covered in claw marks, so it must be doing something!

The party continued into the evening. We visited our buddy Ken for Chinese, hottubbing, fire, and photos.

* Yes, these are real town names. Other local weirdness includes Schuylkill, Bala Cynwyd, and Uwchlan.

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Bronchitkat said...

Sounds like you've had a few ex-pat Welsh in your area, along with all the others.