Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's official! I have a practice!

I've rented a room at the lovely Spirit of Yoga studio to open my acupuncture practice. It's a happy space with lots of massage, facials, etc going on already. Their needler just left so I already have a built-in clientele... and I get to take free yoga and pilates classes! I had my first one yesterday: Today I'm sore in that delicious post-workout way.

PA doesn't require a license for massage, so I'm starting with acupressure and bodywork until my paper comes through. I've bought a table and some supplies, and I'm casting about for a nice dresser to hold my stuff.

Girlie is sharing the room with me, doing her Intuitive Massage.



deb said...


emma said...

Congrats!! Maybe I'll have to make an appt for when I come visit.

Tracy said...

Congratulations! Now I can put "Needles and Pins" back on my cell phone as your ring tone! :-)