Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Great Day

My morning started with Senator John Edwards' conference call. He's lauched a new site to reclaim peace as patriotic.

Then I joined birthday girls Emma & Terri, along with Ginger and Annie, for High Tea at VY&T. We were visited at various points by other wonderful friends, but I am a terrible person so I can't remember all their names. I do recall Tamara, who will apparently be taking my place in the Saturday circle. Terri modeled her newly finished sweater. Emma brought my pound of "mystery mixed breed" roving which had still been pink when I left her place yesterday. She transformed it into the reds I had been trying for. There's a reason people buy her stuff! Bonus: I was magically able to acquire some of that "├╝ber-fantastic" SeaSilk.

Alex and Sonja grabbed me and took me to the Everest Kitchen. That's some seriously good food. Then Deb joined us (she writes the blog for VY&T, which contains movie as well as fiber content) and we went to see "28 Weeks Later". Quite the adrenalin surge!

All in all, a really good day. Much better than packing and cleaning. :)

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shuttergoddess said...

Hey! Happy holidays! Well, the primaries are upon us. 2 weeks!!! If ever there was a time to activate on the political front. I just posted this in my blog.

Hey Folks. I think most anyone in the US can agree on one thing - what a gnarly season o' primaries. While the long standing tradition is to rail against the choices, whether they be of your own party or others, and to decry any number of wrongs, I really do believe that the greatest change is made when reaching for the positive, the hopeful.

It took many years, but last election I found someone in whom I believed. And, as I had long promised, having found a candidate who moved me, I worked on his campaign. Now, if you are someone who cannot respect me due to my politics, who demeans my colleagues and myself as idiotic, naive, crooked, or whatever, kindly stop reading now. I was mocked enough 4 years ago about my regard for HOWARD DEAN, but I stand by it to this day. I was not convinced he could be elected, but it was important to me to really work for that which I believe. Well, for mostly stupid reasons, HD did not get the nomination, but he did become a party chairman (by the by, I am not a member of *any* party) - guiding the party to a pretty good success in midterms - and his campaign invented much of modern grassroots protocol. My work did not get me the president I wanted, but in the end, it has had other effects. I was proven right to myself.

So, this gross season, I have churned and churned... who can I put my weight behind. Many candidates have some great things to recommend them. All have painful flaws. Early on, none was leading the way I dream of leadership. Slowly, slowly, who the candidates are and what their campaigns truly stand for is borne out. What matters and what is on the more personal is separated. Deeper and deeper comes the analyses. And so, I now know for whom I will carry a shield. I just made my donation. I offered to volunteer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next president of the United States, a man Annaliese can believe in, have hope for, and open her mouth in public about - JOHN EDWARDS.

JE is the candidate who has demonstrated the clearest and most skillful leadership, is a court room litigator of no small skill or smarts, and believes in the people as the source and beneficiaries of the governance of our country. Is he perfect? No. Do I agree with every thing he has ever said or done? No. But damn well lots of it. He actually makes me feel hopeful.

And, JOHN EDWARDS IS THE ONE WHO SCARES THE CONSERVATIVES AND REPUBLICANS (now officially 2 separate groups). He is the most electable for the reasons above and many that are important to other folks. Now if only the wholly owned media could cover that... oh wait, they don't want to!

However, he is on the cover of Newsweek this week in an Article entitled The Sleeper. Read about it.

I enjoy discourse, but I will tell you up front that if you attack me and my preference, it will hurt and will recoil. Telling me I am a fool or worse is not discourse.