Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gillette, Wyoming

Here safe and sound. Cattle running around loose in the back of the car. Bunny continues to rule the world.

Montana is awesome. Matt got clocked at 93 and the ticket was $40. He almost said "Sweet!" to the cop. I got nailed an hour later doing 75 (both in 65 zones). Penalty was $20. They are our first tickets in 7 & 8 years. Can you tell we are in a hurry to get to our new home?


Steve Silverman said...

Sharon & Matt are flying thru Iowa as of Sunday roughly 1 pm their time.
They should be out of Iowa tonight.
Everything is fine. They had no Internet access last night.

Sharon's Dad

Anonymous said...

I thought Montana was a Safe and Sane state??? I flew through there going well over 80 and... well, I never even saw a cop so I guess that answers that question.

Could you please post some pics of your new abode? :-D

Your Friend Who Still Loves You