Monday, August 21, 2006


It's over.

*sigh of relief*

I won't know how I did for a month, but the MCAT is over.

For readers who are unfamiliar with his particular form of torture: Imagine the hardest class you ever took. Now imagine that class lasted a year, and there were 4 of them (chemistry, organic chem, biology, and physics). Now spend 8 hrs being tested on all of that material, with your future depending on your performance, knowing that if you blow it, you can't recover by retesting.

Yeah, fun, huh?

So now... now I get to apply to UW med school, build my acupuncture business, hang out with Matt and Heather, play with the bunny and cattle and cars, and spin & dye more Shabbit. I'm also heading fearlessly into battle. SOCK WARS, by Yarn Monkey, coming soon to a knitting needle near you!

And check out this incredible paper artist!

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Ginger said...

So, have you found out yet?