Thursday, January 26, 2006


Great news: Matt went to see his cardiologist today and his ejection fraction has returned to normal. "One for the record books," the doc said. We had not expected it to be so good for weeks, perhaps months.

He still has a few months of recovery - he still has chest pain with exertion and gets tired very easily - but this means his long-term prognosis is excellent. Barring a relapse, the illness will have no impact on his longevity. That means I get to keep him for the next 80 years or so, just as I planned all along. *BIG GRIN*

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed their prayers, distance healing, and movies to keep him on the couch! We are thrilled and grateful to have such a terrific community of friends and family.

Oh - and the rabbit? Blackberry is on antibiotics for the bad bugs, and probiotics for the good ones. Hopefully the bunny butt biohazard will clear up rapidly as well. :)


Alex said...

Hurrah! That's excellent news, on all counts.

Anonymous said...