Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Matt is doing so well - his enzymes and troponin are finally dropping - they are releasing him today! The ID doc and cardiologist were very pleased and surprised to let him go so early. I am ever so grateful... WOW - that call for healing Qi really worked! Keep it up - we still have a few months of recovery ahead.


cheryl@ocom said...

Hi Sharon,
Great news! I'm so happy to hear Matt is doing better. You both have my prayers. You have many wonderful tools to help Matt in his healing process. Blessings, Cheryl M

Tracy said...

Egads. I just read all this. I still can't get your freaking email address to work. I'm glad Matt is home but sorry to hear he was so sick. All I had was an itsy bitsy cold. I'll call you this weekend. Hugs to you both.