Monday, October 03, 2005

Retro-Post: Fig & Graduation

These pics predate the taxi's arrival, thus the title. I graduated from OCOM on Sept 2 with a Master's in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. Trafiglio Q. Havalina joined our family in the last few days of August. He's a Maine Coon baby and we expect him to grow to an impressive size. And since nobody gets away with just one name, he's also Fig, Spazzboy, and Talky the CoonCalf. He thoroughly trounces the other boys in their cattle battles, but when the bunny gets into it - WOW! She charges him, rams him, leaps at him with a flying sidekick like Bruce Lee! He's convinced she's utterly terrifying, and runs for it. Then they all collapse in a big friendly pile.

I know I promised pics of my homespun skeins, but I'm busy.... and I suspect it's more of a priority for me than my faithful readers. Raise a hue and cry if I'm mistaken, and I'll adjust accordingly.

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