Monday, October 10, 2005

Homespun family

I did get a few emails from people wanting to see my handspun yarn, so here it is: Please click on the pics for a MUCH better view. The green is a triple ply merino. I have three skeins of that, and I'm inordinately proud of it. The rainbow is a color mix (varied wools) plyed with a soft synthetic glittery black (purchased). It'll make a perfect fancy evening shawl. The white is silk, single ply. The varied browns are all exotic fibers from a "taste test" class. It includes everything from vicuna and cashmere to raccoon (!). Super soft! I was experimenting with a longer twist on that one so the 2 ply looks almost like a single. The 2 ply grey is natural mystery wool I picked up at a yarn swap - I've got six of those. The red / blue 2 ply is another merino mix - 6 skeins of that. And the little ball is silk, not nearly as muddy as in the pic. It has a lovely sheen and the colors are like watermelon tourmaline. Alas, only a smidgen of that one. Any suggestions for projects are welcome!

The girls, Gillian and Maddie, had a great time at Gasworks park on their visit. They were here the same time my parents were, and we all piled into the cab. We also went to the Science Museum at Seattle Center, where I took the fall Needle shot.

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