Sunday, August 12, 2012

First soldiers (mostly unarmed)

Edited to add: I don't like the gloss on the fur - will cover that with a matte finish or more paint to dull it back down.

For those of you playing along at home, these are 1.3" tall. Compare the pics from the last entry to these: 

I'm really digging the copper armor. Robert doesn't like it, and I don't care. :) Ignore the left guy's hammer, it'll be removed - I was just using it to hold onto while I painted. He was the one that came built. I figured I'd go ahead and remove the chest skull and do him up as an experiment with brown accessories. Then I did the right guy with black ones, and grey fur on his cloak.

Clearly I need to smooth the chests more (post-skullectomy surgery). The good news is that I have slightly more guys than I need, so the worst one(s) will become spare(s). I suppose I should do their arms next. Retrofitting the right weaponry is challenging since the arms don't match the Grey Knight arms. More surgery and sculpting coming...