Wednesday, August 01, 2012

De-Chaos-ing the Warriors of Chaos

As built by the eBay seller (the other 11 were still on sprue, and I only need 11). Note skulls, horns, rivets... are all now removed. 
BEFORE: Just off the sprue.

AFTER: Cloak, trimmed up and holes patched. Will need a little more smoothing out before I start painting. Still not sure if I want to remove the shoulder spike or not. Big thanks to Val for introducing me to liquid green stuff. Made the hole-patching much easier!

Color tests on spare shields. Copper and various greys.

Color tests, continued. I know it looks black in this lousy pic, but the dark color is actually blue.


DeanM said...

Looking good, Sharon. You've done some nice conversion work already. Looking forward to seeing these painted up. Best wishes, Dean

P.S. Thank you for your kind words on my blog post.

Just KathE said...

Why are you de-Chaosing

Sharon Rose said...

Just not a fan of the demon thing, I guess. I want my soldiers to look human. It's a very elite army (see previous posts) and I think of them as Special Ops types. But in fur and chain mail. :)