Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A new obsession...


I've tried getting back into knitting but it's not really taking... aside from a few little projects, the wool has been neglected since I left Philly. In fact, I sold off the vast majority of my stash when I made room for Robert to move in. Kind of a shame, since I have another kilt hose pattern nearly done, and the leg is *awesome*. I'll get back to designing the cuff someday. In the past I've done drawing, sculpting, photography, sewing, and of course knitting and spinning. It was time for a new artistic hobby and here it is... painting miniatures.

Here's my first one, and I'm not thrilled with the subject matter but it's what Robert had lying around for me to play with. He looks better than these phone pics: He's just under 2" tall, with glossy black horns & nails, yellow eyes & teeth, and orange warts. His tongue is glossed, too. The body, rocks, and sword were done with multiple layers, highlights, and washes. I figured a demon probably wouldn't bother to shine up his sword. :) I hacked up an unwanted skeleton soldier to create the base.  As always, click to get a bigger view. I'll get better pics when I do my real army, which is an aesthetic I describe as Medieval Badass. I'm bending the rules quite a bit for Warhammer ... I'll explain that in the next post.

Oh, and I hate the visible seam behind the head. Robert said I shouldn't fill it in because I might not care once it was painted. He underestimated my perfectionism.

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Ironfather Tim said...

Welcome to the world there is also a group for 40k in the pdx area on the other group and there are lots of players too,
Hope to see you guys playing across the table real soon