Sunday, September 04, 2011

1929 Singer Model 66

For those of you not on Facebook, here's my newest project (because sure, I have "extra" time!).

Found at a local Salvation Army. The machine seems to work well (the wheel turns silky smooth, and the needle goes up and down), but I don't have a power cord for it or a pedal. Did these even HAVE pedals? I haven't done much research yet - I've only had the thing for a few days. And it's living at my friend's house so I can't look at it now.

She has a garage, and we're doing tandem woodworking projects. She's into "shabby chic" so quick and dirty is working well for her. Sadly, I'm more of a perfectionist. So far I sanded off the horrible cracked varnish and did some wood fill for the worst chips. Next: stain and re-varnish. I am considering ebony stain with a hint of gold trim.

As always, click on pics for a bigger view. Thoughts? Info?


marolsh said...

The sort-of-rectangular socket under the handwheel is for a power cord and foot controller. What you need looks like this item on ebay:

Any good sewing machine store should be able to get you one for your machine; the 221 Featherweight, 15-91, and 66 all take the same kind of cord.

Sharon Rose said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much!!

Elizabeth said...

Check inside the cabinet to see if there is a knee lever that pulls down. There may be a foot pedal attached to the cabinet that the knee lever pushes on. Then all you need is the power cord. Look on eBay I have seen them for 8 bucks or so.

I am starting a tutorial on my blog on how to service and clean and time a singer 66. check it out. Have fun

Sunflowers said...

Hello to You..

I must tell you that is so marvellous to see your 1929 Singer Sewing Machine Model 66.

I also want to tell you that I have an extremely Old Singer Sewing Machine in my Bedroom that looks about the same as yours.

Now as to where I find out which Model that is question, but there still may be a Manual in one of the drawers. I have never used it and keeping thinking I should sell or give it away.. But it is a treasured piece I was given by a dear colleague whose Mother the sewing machine belonged to..

I also wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful Knitting projects on Ravelry. I am itching to Knit the Blue Mohair Cowl. It is so pretty.

Thank you again..
God Bless
Toodles - Sandy

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks, Sandy! I hope you see this - your profile gives me no way to contact you directly!

If you can find the serial number on your machine, there's a site online that can tell you the model, and where and when it was made. That's how I know about mine. :)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my patterns. That cowl knits up superfast. :)

DeanM said...

Nice machine - we had one with the cool table back in the day. I think one of my cousins took it over as a collectible. Best, Dean

amanda geist said...

I have the same model. it was free, the owners were about to trash it. i just looked up the serial number and then i found your blog. its on the summer project list, i think it will take a lot of TLC but i hope to get it working. good luck with yours :)

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks, Amanda! I hope you see this - your profile gives me no way to contact you directly! :) Feel free to email me at laughinglagomorph at gmail.