Friday, June 25, 2010

First-of-Many Tea/Crafty Parties!

Left to right: Linda (also seen showing off her new market bag), Fran, Dianna (maker of vast quantities of Cthulu masks), and Paddy. The first group shot: Birthday girl Dianna being surprised with her (and my!) favorite: Carrot cake. As you can see we did not lack for sustenance. Homemade scones, quiche, and even cucumber sandwiches were featured in the feast. And yes, there was tea at this tea party. Linda and I supplied prodigious amounts*, which were both consumed on site and packaged in little DIY teabags for later. You should have seen us - it was a cross between a wine tasting and an opium den. "Ooooh... smell this one! It's smokey!" "Oh my god... the lavender is so subtle!" "This orange one would be perfect iced!"

We even did some knitting and crocheting. It was, as they say in the Pants, totally awesomesauce.

I followed it up with a sushi dinner with a different batch of buddies, then collected Nae at the airport. You'll be seeing lots of her in the next week. :)

*Props to AJ for being my personal tea hook-up.


FiberQat said...

Does Dianna have a pattern available for the Cthulu masks?

We need to hook up girl!

fred said...

Dr. Zoidberg Lives