Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I swear this is true!

Just have to share this: We were waiting in Atlanta for the second leg of our flight home, when a desk clerk waved us over. She started by asking questions about Matt's kilt, then asked if he was my husband. She was clearly enamored with him and kept sneaking peeks at his legs (I completely understand - it was those stems that first got my attention when I saw him on the campus at GCC!). She beckoned us to follow her and headed for the gate. "You can go on ahead." We were momentarily confused - nobody was boarding yet. We got on the plane and even the flight crew were shooting us quizzical looks. It was a good five minutes before the 1st class and screaming kids got on.

Matt said it was the best thing he ever got for having great legs. I reminded him it was the second best. :)

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JuliaA said...

ha! :D

(i too am someone who always notices nice man-legs. i embarrass my boyfriend sometimes with the way i stare.)