Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And the winners are...!

This whole process has been very educational. I realized that my epic pattern stash was no longer exactly what I needed. I'd outgrown a lot of the ideas, and my tastes changed away from some others... I was a lot pickier about grabbing patterns this go 'round. I still managed to collect about 100 (here's a hint: When you like a design, seek out everything that author has generated!) but they are all things I really want to make. No more "maybe sortas." I even cleaned out my Ravelry queue and reduced it by about 40%. It's still astronomical. :)

I finally faced the fact that I'm a slow knitter, and a busy girl (I'm supposed to be writing a book on top of running my business and working full time), so I have to prioritize. Right now I'm slaving away on a pair of kilt hose for Matt (my own design!), but after that and some obligatory Xmas knitting I'm starting on Spanish Armada. Well, the center of it. Things are going to twist south from there. Stand by for details. :)

Without further ado... Purple (who gave me the gift of a Mermaid knockoff) and Ikkinlala (who suggested Pamina) are the winners! I've emailed you - just let me know your yarn choices and your addresses. :) I'm sorry I couldn't award prizes to everyone who entered. You were all so wonderful and generous! Thanks again, so SO much! I WILL be rewarding you with two free patterns, coming soon...

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purple said...

Wahoo! Thanks for picking me and you'll love making a faux Mermaid and better yet wearing it. I made mine in fingering weight yarn since that is what Mermaid used and I thought that since it was flared some at the bottom (or rather fitted at the waist) a lighter yarn might be more becoming. If you do it in a mid-weight yarn, please let me know how it turns out.