Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History, today!

"This is your victory!" President Obama told us, and he is absolutely right. I am so proud of this country... so proud that people overcame those ridiculous lies and their racist fears to choose a man who stands for hope rather than fear. I literally felt that heart-swelling sensation in my chest. Still do! Yes, I cried when it was announced last night. It was a Great Day, and I'll always remember it.

ETA: A great little blogpost by Christopher Buckley

ETA: Tragically, it was not all good news today. California's Proposition 8 was approved, depriving same-sex couples of the rights that hetero couples enjoy. I can't understand this. The conservative argument against these loving, long-term relationships are based on religious dogma. Aren't we supposed to have a separation of Church and State? How are personal lives any business of the government? There's bad news from FL, AR, and AZ, too.


Jasmin said...

We had a house FULL of people, and there was not a dry eye. Wooo!

Dr. Knitter said...

Today we all have so much to celebrate. I have three sons and I blog about my experiences trying to raise them in modern America...and today was a real bright spot :-) I loved your images and your "Barack Ollama" so much that I included you in the love-fest. Enjoy!!

Love your blog!!!