Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Acrochordon Removal

I got to do some surgery! Matt had a big ole skin tag he wanted removed. A little lidocaine, a flick of a scalpel, and it was gone. So fun!

Obviously there was more involved, but I had a doctor right there to explain every step. He proclaimed my knifework "excellent" and doesn't think there will be a scar. Looks like all that needle-handling has paid off. :)


Judy said...

Now that's a trusting hubby! Mine barely trusts me to cut his hair. ;)

Sharon Rose said...

That's funny - I've been cutting his hair for years! :)

Anonymous said...

i actually saw my dad remove one of those from himself one time. he took a piece of sewing thread and tied it real tight at the base of the "acrochordon" and in a matter of about 1 week; it dried up and fell off.
now removing an "accordion" would be a bit more difficult.

Heather said...

Lucky duck!