Sunday, November 11, 2007

Robesonia 2007

Matt, Girlie, and I made some new friends at a R.O.V.E.R.S event today. Unlike most car shows, where you park your baby and talk about how pretty she is, at Robesonia your pride and joy gets a real workout. There were a series of tracks marked with gates to steer through. They led up slippery grades, down rocky chasms, and across precarious angles. The old battle-scarred trucks fared much better than their modern luxury counterparts (no surprise there). Drivers were aided by helpful guiding shouts. "Left! Left! Straighten it out! Gas! Gas! GAS!!!"

Overheard: "I'll bust the other side on the next run, so it's even." and "Did I hurt the tree?"

My favorite bumper sticker: "Barbie called. She wants her Jeep back!"

Shaun arrives on the 26th!

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chefmckenzie said...

nice scene!! we will definatley have to get together next time i am in philly. you are way better at keeping up with your blog than i am. keep it real. eat well, well.