Friday, September 08, 2006

Adopt Victor! Save Dust Bunny! UPDATE!

Victor has found a new home with a lovely woman named Kathy. I hope they are very happy together. :)

Karen sent a bittersweet email upon receipt of her newly-spun Shabbit yarn. She loved the color: The dye came out a gorgeous autumn red. Unfortunately, one of the Angora buns who donated to said Shabbit has been diagnosed with cancer, so please cross your knitting needles for Dust Bunny. Prayers helped Matt recover, I say the same can happen again!


Vonnie said...

I looked through your blogs and LOVE your yarns plus share the same rage about zoos but that site you pasted gave me an idea where I could start since I am not good at knowing where to speak up directly. Thanks! About the yarns, is it easy to learn how to spin, dye and all that? BTW - Cute two little buns on your head when you gussied up ;-)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi Vonnie,

Thanks! I can't see your site since I'm not a member of Xanga.

Zoos: You can always find a customer service or public relations email on a zoo website. Give 'em hell!

Spinning: It's easier if you have a good teacher, and you are using a wheel or spindle that suits you. Try a bunch at stores and see what feels right. I'll be happy to teach you on my Minstrel.

Dyeing is as easy or hard as you want to make it. I like Kool-Aid & vinegar on the stovetop, myself, but Jacquard Acid dyes are a close second. My friend Amanda (she's pictured back in there somewhere) uses organic plant dyes. She totally rocks.

Matt calls those "cat ears" and frequently requests them. :)