Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oil's well that ends well.

The oil that came with my spinning wheel ran out. I had to use a lot, because she always started squeaking after each hour of yarn creation. Matt talked me into using Triflon, a firearm oil that contains Teflon. HOLY COW is that wheel smooth and silent now! Spinners, pick some up at your local gun shop.

While we're on the topic, avocado oil is fantastic for massage and other personal uses. Like other oils, it's not compatible with latex, but it leaves your skin feeling wonderful and even works under water. Find it in the salad dressing / olive oil section of your high-end gourmet grocery stores.

Enjoy! :)


April said...

I LOVE that yarn you are spinning. How beautiful! Thanks for the tip on the Triflon, I may have some here. (lol, the wheel obviously gets used more than the Good thing, huh?)Thanks for the always entertaining blogging by the way!

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks, April! That's AJ's stuff. It has a wonderful sheen! Matt & I wandered into a gun shop yesterday looking for more Triflon and were both shocked at how un-tempted we were by their inventory. It's been ages since either of us did any shooting... we're on to other toys now, I guess. When did I get so domesticated?

Bethany said...

Hello, I found your blog via Fuzzylogic, and saw that you have a Kromski Minstrel. If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me about it, how you chose it, how you like it now? I would like to buy my first spinning wheel and am geographically unable to try every kind. I've only used an old Louet S17 (?) and a very old rickety Indian Head Spinner.

Sharon Rose said...

I LOVE my Kromski Minstrel. I tried a bunch of wheels before I chose her and I'm very happy. Double treadle beats single every time: You can stop, start, and control spin direction with your feet, so your hands can focus on the roving. It's also easier on your lower back since the movement is symmetrical.

If you plan to travel a lot you might want to look at a folding wheel, but mine is pretty light and travels well... she just earned a war wound or two in transit.

Bethany said...

Thanks for the input! A friend has a DT Louet and definitely recommended getting a double treadle, whatever brand. When she used to use her single treadle most of the time, her massage therapist really felt the muscle tension up the side that she treadled with. She is much more comfortable now.

I've considered the Lendrum Folding Wheel, but the 6-8 month waiting list from most places is a bit of a deterrent!

Sharon Rose said...

My friend Holly bought an Ashford Joy at the Black Sheep Gathering. I just called to see how she likes it, and she says she loves it more than her original (single treadle) Kromski. Apparently you can make lots of modifications while spinning and get the yarn just how you want it. If portability is important to you I would consider that. If not... well... I adore my Minstrel. Good luck!