Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wallace & Wendolene expecting!

We've been parking them next to each other in the garage, and completely forgot to spay/neuter. They've been taking some lessons from Blackberry and now Wendolene is preggers! Feathers McGraw is a possible name, depending on the gender. Gestation and delivery will take a while but here's the initial ultrasound:


tavistock said...

Welcome to the world of Austins, plenty of people on both sides of the pond willing to help you. The brakes on the A30 are unique to the car and will no doubt need attention. Plenty of parts are interchangeable especially with the MG Midgets and Morris Minor. The best place for parts is Bull Motif in the UK, try and get their catalogue

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks for the help! Your email didn't come through with the anonymous posting - please email me at

I'm so excited!

FiberQat said...

Feathers has bad karma. Ginger would be appropriate, full of spunk, ingenuity, and determination.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, a new one? How exciting!