Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Garnets and Godiva!

The bun in this photo isn't a friend of mine, I just love the dino-rabbit romance.

Happy Love Day to everyone! My amazing sweetie (who's doing VERY well, thanks) surprised me with some garnet jewelry and a small box of heaven. He also got me highlighters and folders for my schoolwork. *laugh* His prezzies are a dot monster (like a sock monkey only way better) and a Scottish military hat badge from 1900. Sushi tonight!

Good news: My thesis was accepted - As soon as the paperwork goes through I'll officially be a "Master."
Bad news: The things-breaking-trend wasn't quite over. Matt's trusty old Mac finally went belly-up. Ai yai yai.
More good news: Blackberry seems to be over the worst of her digestive issues. We are easing her back into fresh greens now. No more huge black blobby poops. The upside to all the handling (forced medication) is that she's discovered the benefits of physical contact. She now sits next to us on the couch and demands petting all day long. She's nearly a snugglebun. :)


Alex said...

Hurrah! Congratulations on the Master's front.

And hey! Why don't we have pictures of said jewelry and said badge? And what exactly is a box of heaven?

Heather said...

The Box of Heaven is the Godiva chocolates ;-)