Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Wallace & Wendolene & Christmas Stockings

Matt loved my Wendolene so much that we had to accelerate our plans to acquire our second London Taxi - Wallace. He is definitely a masculine version of my cab, from 1967. He has a new, powerful Chevy V6 and lots of chrome. There are lots of other differences - some small, some large - and they have completely different personalities and drive feel. Better photos will be coming, when Matt is off work during daylight hours!

In other news, Blackberry has started using the cat tower. Fig is growing out his mane, tail, and bloomers. I made my first sock, then followed it with five others to decorate the Christmas tree. There's one for each resident here. I matched the yarn, size, and shape to each. Matt's is handspun gray wool. Mine is rainbow. Blackberry's is black angora rabbit. Thoth's (hard to see in the pic) is glossy black wool with an enlarged belly. Fig's has mohair to represent his fluffiness. Skwatch's (the PP is for Peachy Pie, his most-oft-used nickname) is small and slim, and I made a mini Thing 2 to represent his favorite toy, lost in the Dreaded Flea Cleansing of late 2004.

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